Handheld Explosive Detector Suppliers

Max Infocom is of the leading Explosive Detector Suppliers in India. We manufacture the Explosive Detector, We are using the advanced technology to manufacture the versatile detector and we are having the best and experienced engineering team and our all team design and manufacture the detectors in the manner of client needs and requirements.

Explosive Detector Suppliers

We are using the best raw materials and we are manufacturing two types of Explosive Detector, First is Fido X2 and the second is Fido X3 and we are recognized brand as Fido X2 Explosive Detector Supplier in India, We design and makes these machine very advanced, These machines have excellent ability to detect the explosive items from outside of baggage or from distance. These machines have the ability to test various types of explosive detectors like Bombs and things of the suspect. These machines are versatile to work in every temperature and environment.

Explosive Detector Suppliers

We used the advanced technology with our technical and experienced engineering team and manufacture the durable and ergonomic designed detectors, Now we are a reputed brand as Explosive Detector Suppliers and manufacturers in India and we are supplying Explosive Detector at reasonable prices in the comparison of others in the market.

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